How To Bio 540 On Skis

It’s common to confuse the Bio 540 with the Misty 540. The difference between them is that one is an off-axis trick while the other is a non-inverted spin. In a Bio 5, your head and shoulders are above your hips at all times, whereas in a Misty 5 they are perfectly aligned at horizontal. Warm-up on the tramp with […]

Is Your Favorite Sports Team Hurting Your Stock Portfolio? | Marginalia Episode 4

Some professional athletes have unusual superstitions. For example, Wade Boggs ate chicken before every baseball game. Serena Williams bounces the tennis ball five times before her first serve, and twice before her second serve. NASCAR drivers refuse to keep a $50 bill in their wallet when they’re behind the wheel. And the New York Yankees sometimes wore gold lamé thongs […]

30 min Yin Yoga for Beginners – Yin for Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Tension Relief

hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today’s practice will be a yin yoga class focusing on neck upper back and shoulder tension relief please make sure you have two blocks handy we’ll start in a comfortable cross legged seated position connecting with the breath by inhaling and exhaling out through the nose relaxing both shoulders […]

Stretching and Flexbility work [ENG SUB] Гибкость /S Bondarenko/S Karelin (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

Today we are going to do a stretching complex which is easy to learn even for novice lifters and which suits weightlifter’s needs very well, especially heavyweight ones. Set your legs wider please. Exercise one – I show you the direction and you stretch there with both arms, pause in the maximum stretched position for 2-3 sec. 3 times to […]