Goal to Goal with Coach Paul

It’s Goal to Goal this morning with coach Paul We’re going to get to know him a little bit better this morning Coach Paul tell us your favorite team that you like to support Manchester United good answer What about your favorite position on the soccer field when you play in the local uScore men’s league up top striker So […]

【ENG SUB】游泳先生 Mr Swimmer EP03(主演:鞠婧祎、Mike、嚴禹豪、張莎莎、胡兵、黃馨瑤)

�™?Whenever I am thinking of you, it makes me smile �™?/i>�™?i>So often that I have lost count �™? �™?i>Aware of things that have been put off �™? �™?i>Mischievous and naughty thoughts have constantly been forming in my head �™? �™?i>Waving my fingers in the air to draw �™? �™?i>Your eyebrows, nose, and lips �™? �™?i>�™?Your ears have turned rosy red�™? […]

Detective Pony – Chapter 8, Homeless

[Music: “Turkish March”, remixed with sparkly synth and played in reverse] Chapter Eight, Homeless “What are they doing here?” Dirk muttered to himself. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to go.” He grabbed the thin purple book from his pocket, held it close to his face, and began frantically leafing through it. Acorn was pretty much going apeshit at the sight […]

Sprinter Hat

Hi I’m Meadow with Sunday Afternoons and today I’m going to tell you about the Sprinter Cap. This cap was specifically designed for athletes, so if you’re a runner, a walker, or into any active outdoor pursuit, this is going to be a great cap for you. This is a 100 percent poly breathable mesh, it is rapid drying, wicking, […]