Goal to Goal with Coach Paul

It’s Goal to Goal this morning with coach Paul We’re going to get to know him a little bit better this morning Coach Paul tell us your favorite team that you like to support Manchester United good answer What about your favorite position on the soccer field when you play in the local uScore men’s league up top striker So […]

Highlight: Sacramento County Academic Decathlon

The Sacramento County Academic Decathlon is an educational competition for high school students from all districts throughout the county. Medals are awarded for individual events and total scores. The overall winning team from the county competition is invited to participate in the statewide California Academic Decathlon. The Academic Decathlon gives students the opportunity to be part of a great competition, […]

Florida/Singapore Team Interview – Solar Decathlon 2015

>>Team: We are the University of Florida and National University of Singapore and Santa Fe College.>>Female: The name is Solar Living House. So, that says a lot about what we’re trying to do: making livability a big priority, but it’s the spatial organization, really thinking about our target audience as a median Florida family of average means, thinking about how […]

Team New Jersey’s Solar Decathlon 2011 Engineering Audiovisual Presentation

The enjoy house systems are unique because they are all off the shelf so they’re basically commercially available to anybody who is interested in creating a smart home like ours. So they’re commercially available and they’re affordable. Control4 is a comprehensive home automation system. It connects all the various systems of the house together to create a user-friendly interface. Control4 […]

【ENG SUB】游泳先生 Mr Swimmer EP03(主演:鞠婧祎、Mike、嚴禹豪、張莎莎、胡兵、黃馨瑤)

�™?Whenever I am thinking of you, it makes me smile �™?/i>�™?i>So often that I have lost count �™? �™?i>Aware of things that have been put off �™? �™?i>Mischievous and naughty thoughts have constantly been forming in my head �™? �™?i>Waving my fingers in the air to draw �™? �™?i>Your eyebrows, nose, and lips �™? �™?i>�™?Your ears have turned rosy red�™? […]