A Marathon in the Most Isolated Country in the World | Running in North Korea

Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon is a yearly event that started in April 1981. We picked April to commemorate our Great Leader’s birthday as one form of celebration. Many athletes from home and abroad are participating. As you will see tomorrow, there will be 30,000 people here welcoming the players. To become a flourishing country through sports is the goal of […]

Runner’s Knee: Fix it Forever

It’s a great day to talk about physical rehab here at DeFabio Spine and Sports Rehab It is my continued series about runners. It’s not about baseball, but it is about knee pain Baseball players do run as well and they also get knee pain So in two cases today runners came in with knee pain had the same condition […]

Barbie – Our First Gymnastics Grading | Ep.200

Barbie – Our First Gymnastics Grading Great arabesque Chelsea! Auntie Chelsea doing really good! Now stretch jump… Perfect! Yay Auntie Chelsea! Tommy… My ear! Sorry Mummy Now cartwheel to handstand… …and dismount Yes! Great work Chelsea! We can do that I know… And finally… Chelsea! I did it! Congratulations girls! You’ve all now received your level one grading! Yay! Yes […]