Pure BOOST X : ADIDAS Women Running Shoes – Review รองเท้าวิ่งคู่ใจคู่ใหม่สำหรับสาวๆ

Today I have a new partner. Here !!! Very .. Happy .. for .. ladies who love running Now .. we have a new partner Well!! I don’t know how they create this technology The boost capsules here really awesome Because when people run mostly people have problem with .. knee pain. These boost capsules help reduce bounce which cause […]

Running Shoes Spikes

If you are a track and field runner you will know why you need running shoes spikes. These are something that are used by people who run more of a distance event than shorter ones. A great buy for those people who are cross country runners too. Though sprinters can use these spikes too in many cases. They are a […]

The sweet spot in running shoes

Does a small amount of shoe weight make a big difference for running performance? CU Boulder researchers decided to find out. They added small lead pellets to three pairs of identical running shoes. The subjects didn’t know how much their shoes weighed. 18 runners ran 3,000 meter time trials in each of the shoes once a week, for three weeks. […]