Blade Runner: Simbologia (parte 1)

Let’s talk now about some of the symbolisms present in Blade Runner and their relationship with Hermeticism. Director Ridley Scott is basically a visual communicator. He takes care of every detail on the set and nothing in his films is there by chance, everything serves the purpose of bringing information to the audience, consciously or unconsciously. Bud Yorkin: “I saw […]


hHey guys it’sa me Tiago the french Inline Skater and today I’m going to compare fitness skates to freestyle skate before we start I’d like to tell that I’m not currently in France I’m in Angola so there are many types of inline skates recreational speed aggressive free ride freestyle and a few others beginners usually start in free creational […]

It’s called motorsport, look it up. Team Sonic Racing REVIEW (Switch/Xbox One) – sheepytina

[sheepytina intro jingle] [sound effect of a racing car driving by] Team Sonic Racing is the latest instalment in Sega and Sumo Digital’s long-running All-Stars Racing series. Unlike previous instalments which were all-encompassing Sega crossovers, this one is set entirely within the Sonic universe. Was this a step down from the likes of Transformed, or was this exactly the breath […]